Power Supply Board / PSU

We repair/replace Power Supply Circuit Boards / PSU’s!

CON Board / Control Board / TCON Board

We repair / replace Control-T-Con Circuit Boards

Diagnostics & Testing Services

Our Technicians are trained and proficient in diagnosing and repairing TV’s of all types.

TV Has No Picture
When you turn your TV on, you expect to see something on the screen! If your television is not displaying a picture at all, or is not displaying a picture as you expect it to we can help solve your problem.

TV Has No Sound
Unless you’re watching a silent movie, sound is one of the vital components to an enjoyable viewing experience while watching TV. If the sound on your television is not working, will not get loud enough, is muffled, or having any other difficulties we can help to fix it for you.

TV Shuts Itself Off
One common problem we fix regularly is when a television shuts itself off.  This can be as simple as replacing a failing capacitor on the PSU board. If your TV shuts itself off periodically while you are watching your favorite shows, call us today to solve the issue.

TV Repair Services

No power, No Video, No sound? Lightning Strikes, Power Surges, Liquid Damage? We diagnosis and repair a wide variety of issues, no matter the problem we can help!


All estimates are free! Just drop off, and we will let you know how much it is to repair.


If it can be fixed, we can fix it. We keep a variety of lamps on hand for LCD and DLP Protection sets. We also have a variety of board level components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and other components to save you money.  We can also order parts as needed.


We make house calls! Live far away, or your set is just too much of a hassle to haul in? Need your TV wall Mounted? Don’t worry, we can come to you. Contact us to make sure your home or business is in our service area.


Proxell Technologies offers repair services & extended warranty contracts for our clients & business partners. If you are interested or have a question, give us a call.

All brands, every make and model!

and More!

Lightning Strikes & Power Surges can damage your TV's internal Power Supply