Mail-In Repair Services

Step 1.

Fill out our form and give us a little bit more information about your device. Be sure to read instructions and disclaimer.

Step 2.

Once you have registered on our site you create a work-order request. Print and place that request in the package with your device. The work-request will contain an address label to  tear-off and attach to the outside of your package.

Please package your device with care, we will most likely use your packaging for return shipping.

Step 3.

We work on your device. You pay when device is fixed, all payments will be handled using PayPal. We mail your package back to you after payment.

Note: Current repair time(s) vary and are highly dependent on parts on-hand and ordering of replacement parts (if needed). Choose expedited service if repair is urgent,. Expedited repairs* are handled within 1-3 business days.

All items mailed without a work-request included will either be recycled or mailed back unfixed at owners expense plus a $10.00 handling charge.

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