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Common Variable Frequency Drive problems

To ensure the Variable Frequency Drive functions reliably, proper considerations must be given to installation such as the specification of the motor, incoming, outgoing cables and th environmental parameter it operates in. As with any electrical types of equipment, AC drives can deteriorate after prolonged use even if it was installed properly.

It helps to spot signs of imminent damage on the AC Drive early on and arrange contingency measures rather than being taken by surprise. Voltage transient or spikes are known as one of the most common factors that damage an AC Drive. Poor grounding and electrical interference is also a known cause of AC drive failure. Dust particles and moisture could also damage an AC drive when they are trapped between the compact spacing of the internal electronics components.

Repairing Variable Frequency Drives

You know its time to engage a reliable tech support when your AC drive starts emitting weird noises or stops functioning completely. With a strong commitment to maintaining uptime for our clients, Proxell Technologies has been providing top-notch AC drive repair services since 2004. A team of experienced and professionally trained repair technicians means that your AC drive will be inspected and repaired efficiently.

In an event of a suspected AC drive failure, our team can either carry out a test on the faulty unit sent to our repair center or troubleshoot the unit at the site. We do advise that any attempts of repair should not be carried out on your own as a faulty AC drive may still carry a dangerous amount of electric charge within.

Proxell Technologies will conduct a visual inspection of the device before conducting a test to determine if the power supply of the AC drive is functional. If the power supply is intact, we will then attempt to power up the AC drive. Once we are sure that the basic functionalities such as the display are working, we will start testing the AC drive with a motor. Any underlying faults and its root cause would have been detected at this point and we would advise our clients on the appropriate repair options.


We believe that it takes more than great technical knowledge to provide the best Mechatronics repair services for our clients. With 24 hours unlimited phone support, you know that our team of experienced engineers is within reach regardless of your location in the US. And our 6 months service warranty ensures you peace of mind after your AC drive is repaired.