Sangoma S305 VoIP Phone


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Sangoma s305 VoIP Phone designed for FreePBX

The S305 IP phone is designed for businesses with PBXact phone systems needing a fully-featured entry level IP phone at a cost-effective price point. It supports two (2) Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accounts, full duplex speakerphone and has a 192 x 64 pixel backlight graphical LCD display. Zero-Touch auto-provisioning makes it so easy to setup, all you need to do is plug the phone into an internet connection, in or out of the corporate office location.

Built-in Phone Apps enables users to control complex features directly from the phone’s display and programmable buttons. This allows users to have full control of their phone system right from their fingertips. Other features such as built-in VPN and hot desking makes the S305 great value.




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